The Legendary Magic Wand: The Good and the Not so Good

The Hitachi Magic Wand isn’t really for everyone. This is a top notch, effective vibrator that definitely has some downsides.


Legendary Power that runs all night! (OK 25 mins on, HALF AN HOUR cool down, 25 mins on, HALF AN HOUR cool down … repeat as wanted!) The huge distinction right here is that it links into the wall surface rather than using a battery. Also– no batteries to acquire!
Solid glossy plastic material and vinyl head are durable. This need to be a long term investment.
Easy to cleanse with just soap and water
Could make use of any kind of kind of lube including superior silicone lubes that can’t be used with silicone toys
Small cost for this power. The market is relatively affordable with lots of dealers. Most toe the line on pricing and are restricted from marketing discounted pricing (one of the ways you could detect counterfeits). The good news is I have discussed some unique unique price cuts for visitors to this website that will let you grab a genuine Magic Wand Original at a reduced cost.
ORGASMS GALORE! Even for women that have never had a climax or locate it hard.
Plausible Deniability. Vibe? No I require it for my back/ shoulders/ neck.
Also services your back/ shoulders/ neck and anywhere else you may have muscle pain.
Heaps and Lots of satisfied proprietors.


Could just be used in North America. The motor (from here): wand vibrators on the magic wand is not designed to work on anything aside from North American voltage and it threatens to make use of adapters despite the fact that lots of people appear to intend to market them to you. Try out the Doxy Wand or the Lelo Smart Wand if you desire a powerful wand however live beyond North America. Lovehoney has a good selection of Magic Wand alternatives across a variety of cost factors.

It plugs in so it is NOT WATERPROOF. Don’t even think about utilizing this in the shower or bath. You’ll kill the massager and yourself. The Lelo Smart Wand is a rechargeable water resistant option.
It has a cord that could hinder– See the Magic Wand Rechargeable which has actually come to be a top vendor for the cordless group.

A little bit loud– with all that power comes a little bit of a whine however on the bright side it’s very shrill and doesn’t travel via wall surfaces easily. Nonetheless, you may intend to look somewhere else if you cope with your mother-in-law or a roommate … and you humiliate easily. Certainly, you could always assert to be utilizing it on your sore muscle mass.
The resonances are high-frequency. This could be great or negative relying on your preference. Some people favor a reduced, rumbly resonance and would certainly favor the Lelo Smart wand over the Hitachi Magic Wand. That is just personal preference.
Heavy. The Magic Wand Original is a long lasting monster that evaluates in at 1.2 pounds. Is that a problem for you? Maybe, perhaps not.
The Fakes Trouble. Simply make certain you buy from a trusted, licensed dealership. Prevent and amazon where you’re playing Russian roulette with Fakes. And remember– if you see an advertisement guaranteeing a reduced Magic Wand– 99 times out of 100 it is mosting likely to be a knock-off. Don’t be misleaded.

This Best Sex Toy is Awesome For Your Secret Drawer

I’ve seen lots of evaluations that whine regarding the name “womanizer” like it is embarrassingly sexist as well as I have to concur. Perhaps it is since it is a German product as well as they didn’t do a great deal of study on names. Oh well. And also let’s simply state that the designing is something you’ll such as or hate. Leopard skin? Gems? Depends on your taste. It does have a tasteful, discreet lugging situation which is probably even more essential. And also if a person sees the womanizer lying around they could blunder it for an ear thermometer. So they have not done a perfect task there, but I don’t really care that much regarding those things. What passions me most is what it DOES.

PRO 40

The womanizer Pro40 was the Third womanizer after the W100 Pleasure as well as the womanizer W500 Pro Deluxe. It was presented in late summertime 2016 as a budget model to take on the inexpensive impersonators at a reduced cost compared to the original versions. It’s the initial womanizer to be water resistant rather than simply water immune. You could make use of the Pro40 in the bathroom or the shower as well as I’ve heard that the drawing sensation is also more powerful in the bathroom.

The Womaniser Pro40 has rapidly become the most effective marketing womanizer as well as i would also state the best-reviewed, most highly suggested womanizer for the majority of ladies. While it was in short supply for 2016 as well as early 2017, epi24 has actually responded to the high need as well as we need to see it offered in excellent quantities moving forward.

The womanizer Pro40 is the one that I would advise for many people. As need to be clear now, I have worked out massive price cuts from the top online authorized dealerships on this model, so have a look at womanizer pro40 to make sure you obtain this child at the most affordable cost you can.

Womanizer 2Go

The womanizer 2GO is the latest model, as well as is made to appear like a HUGE lipstick! Nobody will blunder it for an actual lipstick but they won’t believe it is a sextoy either! This is a hot seller, for sure as well as has actually taken all the lessons that epi24 has actually learned with the other versions as well as makes sure to be a champion. Make sure that you click or make use of any of my exclusive coupon codes to obtain the most effective feasible bargain offered today!
womanizer 2Go Specs

Actual dimension is 125x35x35mm which is far bigger compared to an actual lipstick!
approximately 4 hrs of usage on a charge
Water resistant which is excellent for the bathtub or shower as well as incredibly simple to clean
42 db “whisper mode” for boosted privacy
Exchangeable head consisting of the XL dimension for ladies with bigger clitorises
USB rechargeable
Those same mind-blowing climaxes as the most effective womanizer versions in expensive face-lift!

The womanizer Large Size

womaniser +dimension.

The womanizer Large size was presented in the Spring of 2017 with a few attributes to appeal to ladies who locate the Pro40 too tiny as well as non-luxurious but appreciate the waterproofing. The bigger dimension– this point is bog– could make it much easier to make use of for a lady with a difficult to get to clitoris. This might be optimal for a bigger woman.

Epi24 additionally asserts that the Large size is much easier to regulate both best as well as left-handed. It has a more sophisticated appearance compared to the Pro40 with gold accents as well as clean lines. The large size additionally makes it much easier to re-position without losing the seal around the clit. The womanizer Large size could be an excellent option if this appeals to you.

At the time of creating, it was not yet extensively offered as well as very few evaluations are offered. Naturally, my bargain links go to the whole choice of womanizer items offered at the significant dealerships so if it awaits sale, you will locate it with the bargain links as well as could contrast it’s cost (which is premium!) with the other versions in order to help you make your choice.

womanizer Large size.
womanizer Large Size Specs.

12 Strength degrees to tweak for you.
Can be re-positioned without losing the seal as well as beginning again.
much easier to make use of for left-handed individuals.
Longer handle is useful for ladies who have to get to farther to obtain to the clitoris.
Fully Water Resistant– IPX7 so you could use it in the bathroom!
Elegant, luxury appearance as well as surfaces.
USB rechargeable as well as 4 long hrs on a charge.
Whisper Mode for included discernment.
Light Result for usage in the dark.
Silicone head could be changed/replaced.
XL pointer consisted of in package for ladies with bigger clitorises.
A High-end product with a deluxe cost to match.
Another Orgasm champion!

The womanizer Pro W500 Deluxe

womanizer w500 deluxe.

The womanizer W500 was the 2nd womanizer launched by Epi24 in the springtime of 2016. It was intended as a more effective, compact, as well as extravagant clitoral stimulant as well as an upgrade over the original womanizer W100 delight. As compared to the womanizer Pro40 as well as the womanizer +dimension, the W500 is only water immune as well as not in fact water resistant.

Some ladies choose the compact dimension but customers have met the womanizer Deluxe with combined evaluations– excellent as compared to inexpensive duplicates, but hard to advise over the other cheaper versions unless the layout really appeals to you.

Some individuals have located the form a bit less ergonomic (harder to hold) compared to the W100 or the Pro40. Still, it comes in a substantial selection of colors as well as works like an appeal so you could consider it.

The on/off button is a SWAROVSKI ® ASPECTS piece which could or could not appeal to you. There are additionally versions that have genuine gold trim. If that’s something that appeals to you (maybe as a gift?) then you need to think about that too.

This comes at a high, luxury cost, so make certain you have a look at my deals graphes for your region since it could be gotten at a large discount rate with my exclusive links as well as coupons.
womanizer Pro W500 Deluxe Specs.

Water-Resistant but not Water resistant.
Compact Style.
Massive Range of Color Styles as well as Finishes.
Whisper Mode for included Disctretion.
Silcone Head could be transformed/ replaced.
Consists of XL Dimension go to ladies with huge Clitorises.
Light effect for the Dark.
Up to 4 hrs of usage on a charge.
USB rechargeable.


This looks rather stylish!
womanizer w500 Deluxe.
The womanizer W100 Pleasure– The Original Womaniser.

I’m not mosting likely to invest a great deal of time on the womanizer W100 since it has had its day as well as is now ceased. It was excellent while it lasted as well as you can, at the time of this writing, still obtain some fantastic deals however, for the majority of you it will be not available so what’s the factor.

The womanizer W100 presented us to the wild world of clitoral air excitement with its outrageous as well as ostentatious layout consisting of over-the-top ornate variations as well as the controversial (in some circles) “womanizer” name. But hey, Epi24 is a German company so maybe they simply didn’t recognize that the term “womanizer” has adverse undertones in the English language.references

or this

Anyhow, the womanizer W100 Pleasure was a significant success in both sales terms as well as bringing numerous climaxes to the masses. It was pricey. It was weird looking. But it functioned.
the womanizer w100.
The womanizer W100 Pleasure Specs.
and see this
Not Water resistant but Water-Resistant.
Exchangeable Silicone Head.
Lush layout Choices.
Up to 4 Hours Battery Life.
USB Rechargeable.
Ought to Be in the Sex Toy Hall of Fame.
Terminated– deals could still be offered in some nations.
I would select the Pro40 rather (unless you want to leopard skin look or one of the other horrendous patterns!).